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Why Paypal Pro Plus Module Is Called As A Perfect Choice For Store Owners?

Why Paypal Pro Plus Module Is Called As A Perfect Choice For Store Owners?

It is actually impossible to run a successful online store while experiencing difficulties with credit card transactions. Accepting credit card payments from the customers and processing the payment transaction on the eCommerce website is not an easy task. Credit card processing involves many steps such as the verification of the consumer’s credit card number, expiry date, and other data connected with credit cards. Hence, payment gateways are acting as a link between the customer and the merchant during the checkout process to make the payment transactions in a secure and effective manner.

PrestaShop store owners who are in search for PayPal payment modules with exceptional features that are highly compatible with all the latest versions. The PayPal is a worldwide popular payment gateway that allows simple and secure money transfer via the internet. The PrestaShop PayPal advanced module allows merchants to receive payments from the customers through credit card and PayPal account immediately. The module handles the details and treats the payments through PayPal. It also supports, Authorize & Capture as well as Authorize only and Capture later feature.

The maximum level of security is ensured to keep your financial information and credentials well protected, thus providing an anti-fraud environment. With the efficient PayPal Pro Plus, you can produce a safe shopping platform and delight your customers by offering safe and smooth payment transaction method in your PrestaShop eCommerce store.

In what way it helps the merchants?

  • Simple and quick to install.
  • Supports major credit and debit cards.
  • Accepts credit card payments and process through PayPal.
  • The merchant can configure the module between ‘Authorization and Capture’ or ‘Authorization only and Capture later’ – when the products are ready for shipment.
  • The merchant can capture amount directly from the configuration page.
  • The merchant can void/ cancel unsettled transactions or refund full/ partial order amount from the configuration page.
  • Support multiple languages.

The PayPal Pro module offers secure payment transactions in the PrestaShop eCommerce website. It processes the payments in an effective and efficient manner to attract all customers. This is the best way to improve the online business.

Is it a secure payment process for customers?

The PayPal Pro module enables you to receive the payment directly from the customers through their credit cards on the merchant (PrestaShop) site itself. It presents an easy and secure way of accepting online credit card and PayPal payments on the eCommerce website.

During the payment process in the PrestaShop eCommerce store, the module enables the merchant to accept credit card payments from the customers and process the payment transactions in PayPal. This module supports, Authorize & Capture, Authorize only and Capture later feature. It also provides facility to cancel/void any unsettled transactions. Also, supports the refund amount from the configuration page.

How it helps in making the safe platform?

PrestaShop is powerful and popular open source eCommerce software in the online business industry. The engaging features of PrestaShop make it as a flexible eCommerce platform. It becomes a favorite choice for many developers, designers, eCommerce addicts, and online store owners. It provides many advantages to the users. PrestaShop is translated into more than 50 languages, and it is used in many countries in the world. PrestaShop supports many payment gateways such as PayPal, First Data, Authorize.Net, WorldPay, ChronoPay, eWay, IcePay, Realex, GSPay, and much more to make the payment process safer and faster.

PayPal is a leading payment gateway which is processing millions of payment transaction worldwide. It has more than 15 years of experience in the payment processing industry. PayPal hosted the PayPal Pro solution. The PayPal Pro accepts all the payments through credit cards from the customers. It also allows the users to pay by using their credit card or their PayPal account. Most of the people don’t want to redirect to another site during the payment process because they feel that it is not safe. Hence, PayPal Pro processes the payments within site.


The PayPal Pro Plus module enables you to accept all major credit card payments from the customers and process the payment transaction through PayPal payment gateway. PrestaShop PayPal Pro Plus is a PrestaShop extension, which connects with the PrestaShop eCommerce Software version 1.6 – Latest Version of Prestashop adaptability. This will acquire credit card payments instantly and affordably through PayPal Pro API. PrestaShop PayPal Pro Plus module supports, Authorize & Capture, authorize only and Capture later feature. PayPal Pro Plus also grants the ability to cancel/void any unsettled transactions. It also supports refund amount from configuration page.


Payeezy Payment Gateway Modules For E-Commerce Platform

Shoppers have doubt whenever they need to buy anything from online shops. A Smooth checkout process in less time is always expected by the customers. The performance of the checkout process matter a great deal to conversation rates with the website and help in building customer’s trust with the merchant. Thus, taking care of how to handle online transactions is highly recommended. A right payment gateway not just secure account details, but also eases the several hassle involved.

Thus, payment gateways are not just important to the customers, but to the merchants as well. There are several choices available to opt for payment gateways, but it takes a discerning eye to know the best option out there. Let’s look at few Payeezy Extension that are most familiar to consumers as well as become favorites to merchants.



1.OpenCart Modules

If you want to offer your customers simplicity, security and choice when paying for things in-store or in-app, you must integrate Opencart Payeezy Modules to your merchant site. It understands the needs of the merchants as well as the customers. It is very simple as customers just need to enter card details like card number, expiration and CVV to process the payment. It also supports the 3D-secure that gives ultimate security of e-transactions.

 2. WordPress

Payeezy made easier for WordPress users. Now merchants can make available something custom to their clients for e-store transaction exchange. Upgrade your website in a simple way with payeezy wordpress plugins and accept payments from buyers via all credit cards. You are also allowed to choose the preferred action at a time since this extension supports ‘Authorize only’ and ‘Authorize and Capture’.

3. PrestaShop Addons / Modules

PrestaShop Modules/Addons is feature heavy, but a cost effective addition to eCommerce stores. Prestashop payeezy extension can be designed, developed, customized and optimized according to site’s needs. It’s not just easy to integrate, but its interesting features like Product Review & Google Snippet enables buyers, registered users or visitors of the websites to give ratings and reviews of the products. Merchants can approve the reviews and decide whether to publish it.

4) Magento® Extensions

Choose the most apt Magento payeezy extension for your e-business that has enough features and efficiency to satisfy you and your customer simultaneously. Available in a wide range of modules to cater to a variety of requirements like Marketing needs, Payment gateway integration, Social media marketing and many more. These extensions will enable user to select their preferred delivery location from where they can pick-up their goods, edit or delete ad banners from different pages, and much more features that will enhance your store and increase the site traffic at reasonable costs.

5) First Data Payment Modules

When you plan something big, you need something big too to nurture your plans. When you are planning to deal with global market, you need global payment services. First Data is where the best choice as it is a global payment service provider and offers merchant and bank transactions, credit, retail and debit card processing. You can go with First Data GGE4 Payeezy Clover Payment gateway that provides secure and fast payment transactions.

Ease Checkout process through PayPal for an Online Store

When you design a website for eCommerce store, it is essential to keep accessible layout, easy to navigate and need to make sure that there are no extra steps or clutter. The user-friendly interface and the steps involved in finalizing a purchase, enables your customers to finish their transaction without any hassle and entice them to return. One of the key elements to an online shopping experience is the checkout process. If the rest of your online site is perfectly designed and the checkout mechanism is complicated, then it will render the good parts of your eCommerce site useless.

PayPal Payment Gateway ModuleThe positive results gained from a clean and simple checkout process are many and hence, it cannot be ignored. Through spending some time in creating a seamless user experience, an online store owner can make sure that customers remain happy, and sales continue to enhance. Given below are some basic steps that can help a store owner to offer an optimal checkout process to online shoppers:

How to optimize checkout process on your site?

Provide Multiple Payment Options

If you offer more payment options, the more likely that they complete their purchase on your online store. It must be easy for customers to pay using common payment solutions and methods. A number of eCommerce Modules are accessible to be integrated into an online site to add the functionality and of these, the PayPal Payment eCommerce Modules are ideal options, because shoppers view it as secure and convenient payment option.

Keep Customer on the Checkout Page

If the customer requires any additional information such as a shipping process and delivery date, it is a good idea to make accessible into the checkout page. If the customer needs to be redirected, then there is a chance of distraction or confusion. Through integrating the PrestaShop PayPal Payment eCommerce Modules to your site, customers are able to remain in the same page till the completion of the checkout process. With PayPal Express Checkout, customers are able to pay quickly using information they already have stored with their PayPal account.

Optimize Checkout for Mobile Devices

It is becoming imperative to make sure that an online store and the checkout process need to be optimized not only for eCommerce sites, but to mobile devices as well. Most often, people have trouble with navigation, product images that are too small, apart from the inconvenient process for checkout. In order to remove this hassle, you need to integrate PayPal modules to enable customers to shop with ease and experience the ease of checkout process.


Thus, a good checkout experience is about making sure that there are fewer distractions for the customer while shopping and ensuring that there is adequate information accessible in a concise way to help the customer a smooth transition through the checkout stages. There is no doubt that the easier and quicker the checkout process, the faster a sale will be. This in turn will ensure a satisfied customer who is more likely to return to your site. Of many things, the PayPal payment gateway integration, when accomplished with the support of an Online Store Builder is the best option to give a smooth checkout experience to customers.

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