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Magento Vs Prestashop: Which one is right for your eCommerce store?

Deciding on which eCommerce platform to utilize for your business is tough. There are a plenty of choices available to compare.You can narrow your search by starting with open source platforms first. These platforms present you all the source code you require for customization. If open source is the choice then, PrestaShop and Magento extensions could be your top two contenders to compare.

While choosing the eCommerce platform that’s appropriate for your company, it’s essential to know the excellent choices on the market today. Here is a comparison between Magento and Prestashop modules, two commanding open source platform options, to assist you to make the choice that best meets your needs.

Prestashop is one of the most popular open source shopping cart software, first released in 2008, with current headquarters in Miami. It is known as a simple and lightweight software that can be used by anyone, but insufficient in customizing and compatibility possibilities.

Magento formerly released the same year as Prestashop, is known as the leader in eCommerce solutions, trusted by several large businesses worldwide and owned by eBay since 2011. It is a robust and reliable software that is used in medium to large sized companies with a greater amount of products, famous for how complete it is and all the possibilities it provides it’s customers with.

What To Consider?

When analyzing two eCommerce platforms, you should compare various things. Use these as guidelines for what to look for Magento Marketplace versus PrestaShop Marketplace.

Shopping Cart Capabilities: What features do you get out-of-the-box? Determine what types of features are essential to your business and which ones are just nice to have.

Hosting: Do you want to manage your infrastructure? If not, you’ll want something you can just sign up and start selling with.

Popularity: Look no further than other sellers to see what platform is best.

Plug-ins: Your business is unique. As you develop, you’ll probably need more functionality that you can locate in available plug-ins for each platform.

Pricing: Depending on the solution, there will be some types of costs. What are you willing to pay for?

Support: If something goes wrong, who can you call? See what type of support each platform provides.
Using these guidelines, we’ll dive into whereby Magento and PrestaShop stack up next to each other.


Similarities of Magento vs. PrestaShop

Magento and PrestaShop do have some similarities you should view first.

Basic eCommerce:

Both eCommerce platforms present the essential functionality you need out-of-the-box. This involves storefront themes, shopping carts, basic order management, product catalog management, inventory features, etc.


Both platforms are popular between eCommerce sellers. Each platform touts extensive developer communities and customers.

Magento vs. PrestaShop:

While these platforms are related, some of their differences might steer you towards one platform over the other. Some of the most significant differences are:

Looking at the Numbers:

PrestaShop was delivered in August 2007, while Magento was built in 2001. Magento has 15 versions, while PrestaShop only has seven. However, PrestaShop provides over 25,000 plugins and extensions, while Magento provides only 1,500 plugins and extensions. Both have about the equivalent amount of online stores using the software and feature huge clients, such as Nike AU & UK for Magento and The Fab Shoes for PrestaShop.

Magento hits PrestaShop in the Twitter world with three times as many followers. However, PrestaShop more than three-ply the number of Facebook likes of Magento. The monthly subsistence cost of PrestaShop is about half that of Magento, but Magento is searched for more on Google than PrestaShop. PrestaShop is the simpler of the two to install and customize. However, Magento offers more SEO advantages and more features, overall.


Hosting options are essential. Large stores built on poor servers and bad base can run very poorly. Your website experience will be sluggish and unappealing to your customers. If you’re just commencing out, though, hosting might not be something you need to bother about. If that’s the case, you might want to seem more into PrestaShop.

PrestaShop allows two solutions: a free hosted solution and an open source download able version that you can host. This provides merchants remarkable flexibility.

Support and community:

Prestashop wins this one. For a cost, they offer different options of official technical support. There is further a pretty big community of customers that provide support and advice through various forums, blogs, etc. For Magento, however, you can also gain support from the community, which is larger than Prestashop.


Twilio SMS Extension to send notification messages to Customers

SMS has been efficiently put to use across in varied types of communications. Right from getting updates to communicating urgent information, you can perform everything just in a few minutes through the using the SMS feature accessible on mobile phones. Text messages get read more than any other type of communication. So, eCommerce merchants need to ensure that their customers receive information they need, by offering text message order updates through integrating the Magento Extensions in their store and the customers in turn can opt-in to SMS updates by checking a box during checkout. Once the customers opt-in, they will get SMS message when their order status changes.

What is Magento Twilio SMS Notification Extension?

This extension facilitates you to take your customer service to the next level. With Magento Twilio SMS Notification Extension you can send customers text notifications right to their hand held devices when their order ships, and enables you to update them with tracking information. Merchants can opt for to notify the phone number indicated in the billing or to the shipping address, or both in case they are different from each other.

This extension enables to update administrators when new orders come in to make sure the fastest response time for customers. The Twilio SMS Order Notifications Extension is multi-store functional and translation compliant, permitting you to set custom notification messages for every store and language.

Key features of Twilio SMS Notification Extension

Customer Notifications

  • Enables to send customers SMS when an order is placed
  • Can customise whether the customers opt to receive SMS notifications when their order ships
  • Can update customers with tracking numbers
  • Can choose if text message must be sent to the billing or shipping phone number, or both if they are different

Administrative Notifications

  • Enables you to send new order notifications to administrators
  • Enables you to include order totals
  • Can set multiple administrative phone numbers

The Magento Twilio Extension facilitates the Admin to send SMS Notifications to customers. The diverse activities in which SMS ought to be sent to the customer are configurable using this extension and will be sent through the Twilio gateway.

The SMA Notification can be configured in the admin panel for the following tasks:

  • When an order is placed.
  • When ordering invoice
  • When ordering shipment
  • Cancellation of orders
  • For sending new pass word when Forgot Password Request is received
  • Customer Newsletter Subscription reminder
  • Product out of stock notification
  • Product is in stock notification
  • Can enable/disable the messages
  • Can specify the number of characters per message


The Magento Sales Booster Extension enables merchants to update customers about the order status of the products and the shipment instantly so that customers are allowed to track the product shipment status easily. The Magento eCommerce Store Development Services makes use of the Twilio API for communicating the text messages. Twilio is a widely reckoned service that offers solutions for SMS delivery throughout the globe. Sending SMS via Twilio is free in case you want to send the SMS to just one recipient. If you prefer to send notifications to more than one recipient, then you are required to opt for a paid Twilio account.

Download: Magento Twilio SMS Notification Extension

Magento Social Login Extension allow users to SignIn & SignUp Process

Social networks play a vital role in communication process among businesses and individuals to share information on products and services offered from an online store. At present, most people have a social network account. The Magento Social Login Extensions allow customers to use their social network accounts on the most popular social networks like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, thereby helping to speed up the business process, enhance the conversion rate and increased sales performance of your eCommerce site.

Magento Social Media ExtensionWhat is Social Login?

The term SOCIAL LOGIN refers to a single sign that allows users to make use of their existing login information from a network site such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn Facebook etc for enabling them to sign into an eCommerce site, without the hassle of creating a new login account exclusively for a specific site. These login extensions are developed to make the process of login easy for the end users and help to reduce the sign-up abandonment to a great extent by visitors to your site. Also, these Magento Social Media Extensions help to enhance the shopping experience of customers by enabling them the sign in process pretty easy and avoids altogether the need for visitor registration to the eCommerce site.

Why Social Login is important?

Social login is highly an essential feature for all businesses who wish to have a powerful online presence as it enhances ability to convert and get to know of their online users. Some of the benefits of these Best Magento Extensions for Social Login are:

  • Solving the password fatigue by not requiring the users to create yet another username and password
  • Saves users’ time and patience by eliminating long registration forms and enables a single-click social login option
  • Increasing users’ personal data security – it’s far easier for users to trust reputed social networks like Facebook and Twitter to safe guard their personal data
  • Enable/disable a specific social account easily.
  • Alter login icon image and dimension to match the site’s theme.
  • Change the URLs pointed by the login icons.
  • Faster sign-up and sign-in.
  • A number of social accounts available to choose opt for.
  • Compatible with any Magento site.

Features of Magento social login extension

For Customers

  • Compatible with 18 types of social accounts for the log in process.
  • User need only to enter their usernames and passwords to log in.

For Admin

  • Admin can change the order of social login icons in the frontend.
  • Can place the Social Login bar in diverse positions in the site.

Store owner

  • Magento Social Login extensions are responsive
  • It is an open-source extension
  • Facilitates to install and configure smoothly
  • Offers user-friendly interface


The, Social Media Extensions for Magento eCommerce Store offer more flexibility for users to login to a third party site by using their social login details. For users, the Magento Social Login Extensions eliminate the need to register separately with a site. Also the extensions offer a number of benefits to Store owners as well as Admin. For users, this extension facilitates a smooth login process to online sites, through using their social accounts in various networks.

Best Magento eCommerce Extension | ModuleBazaar

Reward Points – A Loyalty Program in Magento eCommerce Store

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform, opted by numerous online businessmen across the world to establish efficient online stores. This platform has powerful features and is yet very easy to use. It offers a high level of flexibility to online merchants in controlling the content, look and functionalities of their eCommerce store. Magento has a wide directory of Magento Extensions & Modules which enriches an eCommerce store with an array of features.

The Magento Reward Points Extension is one such tool that has come to rule the market with its great features that enables customers to earn reward points for the patronage they extend. It is one of the most appealing tools that help store owners to generate repeat clients as well as new clients by enhancing the customer satisfaction level.

Magento Reward Points & Customer Loyalty Program ExtensionAdvantages of Magento Reward Points Extension

This Extension for Magento allows you to compete and engage customers intensely and thus enable you to easily enhance sales, retain existing clients and attract potential customers through using this customer loyalty program. The various activities in the online store can allow the user to gain points by enticing the customer to invite their friends, take part in polls, allowing customer to tag products, encourage them to write reviews on the purchased product.

The Magento Reward Points Extension assists customers to collect and enjoy some of the great features such as-

  • Enables to earn reward points through initiating User Purchase Actions like Purchase, Birthday Purchase, Referral Purchase, and Product Review.
  • Enables customers to earn reward points for building activities like Referral, Participation on Poll, Tagging product, Subscribing to Newsletter etc.
  • Even through social media network activity of the customers also enable them to earn reward points by taking part in Social Media such as FB, Twitter and Google Plus etc.
  • It is easy to prepare and view reports on rewards spend as well as earned.


Customer Side

  • Customer refers a friend
  • Web site registration
  • Sign up for the newsletter
  • Posting product review
  • Poll Participation
  • Tagging products

Seller Side

  • Can check out the pictorial representation of the reports
  • Can have easy control of the maximum reward points for a day
  • Can display and demand reward points on a particular product, category and listing page


eCommerce business is growing day by day globally. And the software platforms that run these online business ventures are becoming more powerful and Magento is not an exception to this phenomena. Offering a multitude of extensions to add the functionality of online stores, Magento also offers competent Magento Reward Points Extension that is swiftly becoming a major player in growing the eCommerce business. This extension enables customer retention and drawing new customers to online stores through offering reward points for their loyalty.

Download: Magento Reward Points & Customer Loyalty Extension

Social Login Extension for an eCommerce Magento Store

A smooth accessibility to an eCommerce website by customers must be the prime facility which every online store merchant should ensure, in order to run their online business process in a successful manner. Sometimes, intricate registration forms with plenty of required fields to fill in make customers to login to your site difficult and remains as the main barrier between the eCommerce Magento store and customers.

Since more people these days make use of social network accounts, facilitating them with an easy the log in process by integrating Magento Social Login extension to your store will enhance the login rate and increase your sales. This Magento Extension enables your customers to log in to your eCommerce site quickly by using their accounts in many popular networks like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on without facing the information security risks.

Magento Social Media Login ExtensionWhy Social login?

Social login is a kind of single sign in that enables the user to use his existing login information from a networking site like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn Facebook etc to sign into an eCommerce website, instead of the need to create a new login account solely for a specific website.

The Social login Extension is developed to make easy the logins process for end users and mitigate the signup abandonment by the visitors to your site. This apart, this module facilitates in improving the shopping experience of visitors through making the sign in process much easier and eliminates altogether the visitor registration requirement to the site. Moreover, for returning visitors, it is not mandatory to remember the store specific login credentials.

Features of Magento social login extension

For Customers

  • Facilitates visitors to use 18 types of social accounts for the log in process.
  • The user needs only to enter the usernames and passwords in order to log in.
  • Customers who have already signed in their social account can automatically use the information from their social account for login.
  • The store owner sends a new password to customers for use as a separate account for the website, once they sign in by their social accounts.

For Admin

  • Admin can modify the order of social login buttons in the frontend.
  • Enable to place the Social Login bar in varied positions in the site.

Store owner

  • A responsive Magento Social Login extension
  • Social Login extension is open-source module
  • Can install and configure with ease
  • Has a user-friendly interface


The social login extension from Magento provides more flexibility for visitors to login to a third party website by using their social network login details. For customers, this removes the hassle of registering separately with a site to have access.

Magento Social Login Extension gives a number of benefits to the Store owners as well as Admin. For the site visitors, this extension enables a smooth login process to eCommerce sites, simply through using their social accounts in networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn etc.

Download: Magento 5 in 1 Social Login Extension – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google+

Stay Connected With Customers – Sending Custom Messages

Well, now you have an online store to promote your business and to make profits. But does that ends all your connections with the customers? You are here to sell your products or services and get along with a new market and globally expand your business. But you need to take advantage of the new extensions available on the Magento platform that can perk up your online sales.

Whatever may be your online business may be if you intend to add more profits to the revenue stream, you need to stay connected with your customers. To keep customers happy is the motto of every business. To help you a little to keep up with the customer satisfaction role you must look into the opportunity with Magento Extensions like Twilio. Well, Twilio is one of the best extensions that allow you to send alerts or notification to your customers in the form of SMSs or voice messages.

Magento Twilio SMS Notification ExtensionHow the Magento Twilio Extension works?

It is an automated service that requires a little bit of code writing and install in your website. Magento Twilio Extension is no doubt one of the best and instant ways to send important messages to your customers.

It helps you to customize the messages and send it only to the targeted customers. You will find that they are able to customize your messages and tap the order accordingly. Say if you have some exclusive offers on certain products that a customer has been looking for a long time, and your reviewer has noted the behavioral pattern of the customer and thus you are open to send messages to customers as per that requirement.

With the help of proactive notification services in Magento Twilio Extension, you can handle your logistics easily and trigger messages to the targeted customer.

Targeted messages are important as the messages that you send to your customers are meant exclusively for them. Most of the time the people who get alerts or notification from an online business, they dump them. However, after studying the customer intent and the requirement of their product of service if we are able to shoot out customized messages, then you are sure to reap more profits.

It will allow you to add more revenue to your bag. Such Magento Extensions are great, as it does not spare much time to add in the timelines. The professional developer looks for more scope with this new extension. It just requires a little of coding abilities and it will allow to install the application.

The professionals have the robust methods to write the codes for you and let you enjoy the privileges of this extension. It is available exclusively on the Magento platform to lessen the hazard of tweaking every new message for loads of customers. It will send the messages automatically as soon as you target the trigger point.

Take help of the magento website developers to install these productive plugin, couple your revenues, and let your business grow in a proactive manner.

Download: Magento Twilio SMS Order Notification Extension

Promote Magento Store in Instagram to have Wide Customer Reach

Instagram and instant Hashtags are one of the most happening social media tools in town. It just takes a few seconds to earn fame with the proper Hashtags on Instagram. So promoting your brand of Instagram is one of the greatest ways to add more revenue to the stream.

If you have a Magento eCommerce store and you need to grab the attention of the millennial, then nothing can be the best place to seek them other than Instagram. Yes, the Smartphone generation is busy with their social media apps and to reach out to them you need to move your product to the platform of their choice. Instagram is one of the predictive apps that allow users to see the product with a vivid look and follow the link thereupon to reach out to your site and make a desirable purchase.

How Magento Instagram extensions help?

Latest Magento ExtensionMagento Instagram extensions, thus facilitate the merchants a lot. It allows the site owners to display their product images directly from the website to their Instagram profiles.

The Instagram extension is able to fetch the photos from the users Instagram profile, which the user has added to his account.

With the use of this extension, one is able to find that the Magento Extensions will appear on the right side panel of the Magento store. This extension is able to fetch the photos from the user.

Well with the use of Magento Instagram extensions, the merchants or the site owners will be able to display images from their respective Instagram profiles. They can also customize the photos and the number of images that they want to display at the front end of the store.

Cool Features of All-New Magento Extensions for Instagram

  • Now you can easily display the Instagram Photos on your Store
  • You can set the number of photos to be displayed as per your preferences and requirements
  • The user will find it easy to redirect concerned image in Instagram
  • You can easily enable or disable the widget option
  • It has a friendly interface

How does this Magento extension work?

Customers simply need to click on the Instagram social button to get started. Let us see how-

  • If the user is not a registered one, but logged into his or her Instagram account in the same browser, will need the email address in order to get registered. Then the user will be redirected to Magento store and not their Instagram social profile page
  • If the user is already logged-in, and registered with the eCommerce store, then the system will automatically use the information from their social account.
  • The extension fetches user profile information automatically and updates them to the respective accounts
  • Registered user can easily enjoy the benefit such as order history, quick login and quick checkout.

Reach out to Modulebazaar to get the extensions for your Magento store and bag the best rewards – customer loyalty and customer retention as a part of this collaboration.

Download: Magento Instagram Social Media Extension