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Benefits Of Multi Vendor Marketplace Store Over eCommerce Store

Benefits Of Multi Vendor Marketplace Store Over eCommerce Store

More Traffic, More URL’s, More Products, Extra Sales and More Revenues. It has been found that substantially all of the leading brands are using Multi-Vendor Marketplace Store preferably of eCommerce Store.

Keeping in thought all the traffic facts and the demand of users, we produced a plugin which can transform an Open Source eCommerce Platform into full-fledged Marketplace Store. Several Plugins comes for all the traditional Open Source eCommerce Platforms.

Let’s get into the highlights of this advanced plugin which converts normal eCommerce Store into full-fledged Multi-Vendor Marketplace Store.

Whenever a user registers as a seller, a request is generated and sent to admin. User can’t sell any products until the request is approved by admin. Once admin approves the requesting user becomes seller and seller can start selling products from the store. The same thing happens whenever seller adds a product to sell from the store. Always a product request from seller and seller request from the user is accepted by admin before any conclusive action.

Seller And Product Support By Store Owner

Multi Vendor Marketplace encourages all type of products
• Virtual Products
• Bundle Products
• Grouped Products
• Configurable Products
• Downloadable Products
• Simple Products

Support All Type Of Products

Responsive layout always helps buyers and sellers with better user experience and of course better user interface. Multi Vendor Marketplace comes with the complete responsive layout and adapts to the width of any device. A responsive feature of Multi-Vendor Marketplace makes it even further best, better and flexible plugin.

Responsive Layout For Every Screen And Device

Multi Vendor Marketplace can direct commissions for both store owner (admin) and seller. Multi Vendor Marketplace makes it very easier for admin to see and manage both commissions and revenues without any disordered effort.

Commission Supervision For Both Admin And Seller

MultiVendor Marketplace comes with wide range of add-ons which not only make it tough but also makes it more flexible regarding eCommerce features. Each and every marketplace add-on has its ability and can be used to enhance the functionality of eCommerce store.

Add-ons Works Like Booster For Marketplace

Few stats for marketplace plugin have a clear picture of how it’s evolved for several platforms in preceding few years and practiced by people to transform their stores into full-fledged marketplace stores.

Multi-vendor marketplace plugins are compatible with all major and modern open source eCommerce platforms which comprises Magento, Joomla, OpenCart, WooCommerce, VirtueMart, PrestaShop, and Shopify.

So, for what you are waiting for? Just transform your eCcommerce store into marketplace one to assemble best out of your eCommerce store.


Stock Notification Addon in Marketplace Extension – Grasp the Sale

It is a fact that small businesses out number medium and big businesses. So how the small businesses will be able to achieve their dream of building up an online store? The only solution to this issue is to rely on an online marketplace to conduct their business activities online. Thus, the online marketplaces have accessed popularity among customers and provide advantages to small retailers without having to set up their own online store. They need just have to register with the Marketplace and upload their product and the rest will be taken care of by the eCommerce merchants who would have integrated Marketplace Multi Vendor Extension on their site.

What is an online Marketplace?

An Online Marketplace is a site where multiple vendors can easily sell their products online without the need to set up their own eCommerce website. This enables vendors to start uploading products, manage orders, manage products, and manage product promotion and many more, using the facilities of the online Marketplace. At the backend, the store owner will be able to control products, orders as well as transactions, in addition to have total control over the running of the marketplace.

Use of Stock Notification Addon

The eCommerce store owners have the option to add the functionality and appearance of their site using a number of eCommerce Modules that are accessible in the market. Of these, the Marketplace Stock Notification Addon is a very useful feature that can be integrated to their Marketplace site to inform customers about the stock position of particular products in the store.

The Marketplace out-of-stock notification extension facilitates the marketplace store owner to retain customers through timely passing on the stock notification. This add-on gathers the customer’s email id when a product is not in stock. Once the marketplace store owner replenishes the stock of that product, customers will be informed through email notification regarding the stock update and a reminder will be sent to customers to buy them. Using this extension, the admin can keep a watch of the status of notifications in the notification list.

Features of Marketplace Stock Notification Addon

  • Enables user to enter Email Id for those products that are Out of Stock.
  • Seller can instantly notify customers once stock is replenished.
  • Emails sent automatically to customers once the stock is replenished.
  • Enables to maintain the status of notifications in Notification List
  • Have the option to delete items from Notify List by the admin.


An online marketplace has a number of advantages for both buyers as well as sellers. The dramatic increase of online Marketplaces has necessitated the store owners to install various eCommerce Modules to their site to add the functionality and look of their Marketplace site to entice customers.

Download: Magento Marketplace – Out of Stock Notification Extension

Build your Magento Marketplace @ Low Cost – Now Only $199

Who does not want flexibility in their online store, we all do, don’t we? We like to appease our customer with better product synchronizing and easy navigation. Therefore, to provide your customers with all that is due you need to move your store to the Magento platform.

Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Extension

Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace is one of the most compact and easy extension that comes with a burst of features but at the most comfortable and portable range. And, at ModuleBazaar, everything is available @ $199 only.

In Magento Extensions, you will be able to convert the existing Magento store into an online shopping mall. Isn’t that amazing? With the use of the multi-vendor portal management, you can turn your small online store into a galore of products. Special and attractive design that you can add to the selling portal will enable you to manage the product catalog, orders, invoices, manifest, payments and other features as well. With the use of the simplified Magento interface for store owners, you will be able to manage sellers, seller products, orders, commissions and Payouts.

Some basic advantages of Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor

  • You can enable the five different types of commission settings, which you can easily configure for a seller in the marketplace. You will witness a hierarchy level such as Product, Seller, Category, Customer Group and Product Type. You can easily set up for each seller and will capture it during Seller Payout for every order placed through the Marketplace. Well, the commission can be fixed or percentage-based.
  • Both the seller and their updates can control with this extension. You can both approve or disapprove sellers from joining the marketplace. You can easily accept or reject the products to your marketplace and manage Seller’s Ratings or configure the products.
  • As storeowners, you will be able to control what you wish. These Magento Extensions will allow updating default seller registration approval, product request approvals and vacation Modes.
  • You can easily compare the price and give customers the option to choose from the list of sellers by comparing both sellers’ prices and their ratings
  • You can group by seller in case of multiple seller items. You can enable the customer to see the items grouped by their respective sellers, thus providing a more intuitive shopping.
  • It provides a sleek interface for the sellers to manage Profile, Settings, Products, Orders and Payments. This will allow the sellers to handle invoicing, dispatching and manifest orders easily.
  • This Magento Marketplace is easy to handle and easily updates your site to handle both simple and configurable products. It provides option to the sellers to add Products of both types, thereby giving the customers the option to purchase through your marketplace.
  • Sellers will be able to choose for a specific timelines and can set a vacation mode where they will find themselves not listed under any product category. Immediate rollback will occur as soon as the time elapses.

All these features are available with the Magento Extensions and just a price of $199 only at ModuleBazaar.

Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module @ Low Cost