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Enable Shop Now & Pay Later option for Customers – Offline Payment Extension

Payment Solution is one of the crucial elements that need to be looked into, while setting up an online business venture, in order to carry out transactions between online retailers and their customers. This can in the form of an online or offline payment methods, but it all depends on the type of business and which payment methods are suited to them. In order to decide on which Magento Payment Extensions are ideally suited to your business, you need to understand the varied options available to you.

When it comes to payment solutions, it is more common to use an Online Payment Gateway, such as PayPal. At times, the business requirements may be such that you may need a custom coded payment method. You will need to think of programmatic product order creation process that might need some specifically labeled payment method.

Magento Buy Now Pay Later Extension - PayPal - First DataMagento Buy Now Pay Later Payment Extension

This extension is a new alternative payment solution that can be integrated with Building Magento eCommerce Store and lets shoppers buy from your online shop without using a credit card. Here, the customers simply put their purchases on the extension tab and making it easy for them to buy now and pay later. The only thing they need to do is enter their email and password in order to complete their purchase in one step.

Benefits of Buy Now Pay Later Extension

The Magento Buy Now Pay Later Payment Extension triggers incremental revenues for your online business by:

  • Attracting new customers who are hesitant to use credit cards online.
  • Helps to enhance conversions by offering customers yet another payment option.
  • Streamlining the entire checkout process to one-step.

In addition, the Magento Order Management Module offers the facility for admin to create orders on behalf of the customers while taking orders over the phone. Also, this module enables administrators to login as Customer in the front end on behalf of customer and create orders in the site. The administrator can then make orders by making use of any offline payments. Once the payments are realized, then the orders can be processed.

The module also enables the administrator to update orders that are already made to give discounts to customers. This will create a discount voucher and update the order and send new invoice and email notifications to the concerned customers. Moreover, the Admin can edit the ordered products using the order edit feature in Back end.


Offering customers an efficient payment gateway is one of the crucial aspects that need to be looked into by store owners, prior to setting up an online business venture to carry out payment transactions between merchants and their customers. The Magneto Buy Now Pay Later Payment Extension is an alternative payment solution that can be integrated to your Magento Shopping Cart and enable your shoppers buy from your online shop without using a credit card. This extension allows customers to simply put their purchases on the extension tab thus making it easy for them to buy now and pay later.

Download: Magento Buy Now Pay Later Payment Extension – PayPal – First Data


Offer Seamless Checkout Experience – Magento First Data Payeezy Extension

With eCommerce and Mobile Commerce App Platforms growing in leaps and bounds, it is becoming a more essential factor to integrate a highly competent payment extension into your web store. As technologies are becoming obsolete very fast, and newer versions of platforms and extensions are being introduced at a much faster pace, it is highly imperative to look for the latest payment options in your Magento eCommerce Online Stores.

Magento Payeezy First Data GGe4 ExtensionWhile more and more shoppers are getting comfortable and feel confident with the process of online shopping, some tend to feel insecure by sharing their credit card details on the web store’s account. This situation calls for integrating a well-built, robust and highly secure Payeezy First Data GGe4 extension into the websites to address all the concerns of shoppers.

Several studies indicate that many consumers are hesitant to make their purchases online for fear of credit card and data thefts and this fear of data theft influences to a great extent the volume of online purchase and are a key factor that determines consumer buying behavior.

Hence, as an eCommerce Merchant, it is important to reassure customers that shopping done through your site is extremely secure and reliable, and this can be done by integrating a safe and secure global payment gateway. In case you are hosting a Magento-based website, you can integrate a leading and safe payment gateway such as the Payeezy First Data GGe4 Extension to offer a pleasant shopping experience to customers.

The Magento eCommerce Payment Extensions, ensure that customer’s online transactions are carried out in a smooth and secure way. All major credit cards and debit cards are duly accepted and supported by these extensions. At no point, do these extensions store card information anywhere on the system in order to pass the PCI compliance issues. The store merchant can, however, capture the authorized payments from the backend of the platform.

The Payeezy First Data Payment Gateway ensures that the payment process is carried out with less susceptibility to fraudulence and protects your customer’s financial details. Store owners have the option to perform an ‘authorize only’ or ‘authorize and capture’ functionality, with respect to the payments done through their Magento eCommerce store. They can then capture the amount from the backend of the extension.

Features of Magento Payeezy First Data GGe4 Extension

  • Hassle free installation and setup
  • Easy to configure environment Test/Live
  • Easy to configure Payment action: Authorize/Authorize and Capture
  • Easily configurable for  choosing new order status
  • Supports Authorize, Capture, Purchase, Void & Refund


Online business processes without efficient payment gateways can lead to poor patronage from customers. Payment gateways facilitate to link the client payment to the merchant website account. In addition to ensuring safety of the credit card account details, the payment gateways offer an easy way to enhance retention, loyalty and customer satisfaction. The Magento Payeezy First Data GGe4 Extension is designed using the latest technology, in order to address the hassles relating to payment transaction by eCommerce merchants as well as customers.

Download: Magento Payeezy First Data GGe4 Extension

Also Payeezy First Data GGe4 Extension for Magento 2.0 Version Available..!

Magento Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution – Hong Kong

Fraud on online shopping is quite high all over the world. Online shoppers choose to shop on shopping sites which provides secured checkout. By providing secure checkout to your valuable customers, you can increase your website traffic. If you have a plan of developing an online store, you must first decide to choose the right payment method for processing of payments.

Magento Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution for Hong Kong offers customers to experience secured way of processing payments on your shopping site. It accepts all major credit, debit and PayPal payments. Specially designed for Hong Kong mortar store owners. This module does not require any payment gateway or merchant account for the transaction. Customers are pretty much interested to shop at any online store integrated with secured payment methods for checkout. PayPal is one of the secured payment methods used in many eCommerce stores. Magento Website Payments Pro Hosted Module is integrated with PayPal WPP Hosted Solution for seamless and secured checkout. Normally customers visit your shopping cart, select the product and clicks on checkout to end the shopping process. Once the customer clicks on checkout, half of the customers are not aware about the transaction process is secured or not. By clicking checkout, customer chooses the payment options to make payment. Two Payment methods supported within this module is “Pay using credit or debit” and “Pay using my PayPal account”. Customer selects any one of the payment options and enters the credit card details.

Screen Shot


Magento Payment Hosted Module is connected to the PayPal Pro server to process customer credit card details. PayPal Pro server collects, validates and acknowledges the transactions. Entire transactions will be intimated to the merchants via email. Back end team of this module will help the merchants to configure the merchant ID for transactions. Customers possessing PayPal account can checkout using PayPal as it makes them feel more secured. PayPal express checkout is also supported by this module. Customer credit card details are processed in a secured way so need to worry about our credit card theft. No need to worry about redirecting the customers to different payment website as this module allows the customers to check out by staying on the shopping site. PayPal transaction ID is generated for all transactions. These transaction ID’s will be sent to the shopping site for the merchants to track the status of the transactions for future reference. It automatically sends the shipping and tax information to PayPal.

Another salient feature supported by this module is multicurrency. Adhered to PCI compliance so there is no need to check for SSL certificate. Pay now button which is shown on the checkout page of your shopping site can be customized and configured as requested by the merchants.The back office team will provide the access for the merchants to configure the merchant account template if required. One more peculiar feature of this module is it allows the store owners to “Authorize & Capture” and “Authorize Only”. Authorize & Capture of payments is done by the merchants if the customer payment is credited to the merchant account and the ordered product is ready for shipment. Authorize Only of payments is done if the customer credit card transaction is kept on hold to check if it is a valid one or not.

 Download Here : Magento Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution for Hong Kong