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Suggestion on best module to create multi-vendor marketplace for Prestashop store

Selling through marketplaces might be more profitable to your business than you can think. If you are armed with the ambition to make your marketplace thrive, it’s time to entice vendors to sell their assets from your marketplace. Online marketplaces are an exceptional way to get started. It enables vendors to sell goods without setting up their online store, and several traditional businesses now seem at marketplaces to extend their venture. Selling through online marketplaces presents a flexible business opportunity with comparatively low start-up costs. eBay and Amazon are prime examples of well-established marketplaces.

Many of today’s most prominent and successful online retailers began humbly as a small set up or at home and grew organically within an online marketplace before branching out into their website. One of the hurdles of starting any business is fascinating customers. Larger online marketplaces offer dealers and retailers access to an extensive pool of existing and possible customers.

However, maintaining a PrestaShop multivendor marketplace is not as simple as it sounds. This is where the recently launched PrestaShop MarketPlace module comes into place. This module effectively enables business masters to set up and run their business across a marketplace platform, as well as allows the amazing characteristic of dropshipping. This module combines the advantages of a marketplace and drop shipper module into one package to ably track and manage several vendors and their products from one place. This module clarifies multi-vendor management to a different level. It enables easy control of the product catalog, orders, manifests, payments, invoices etc. effortlessly.

The remarkably user-friendly interface of the Marketplace Extension is easily navigable and used by store partners to manage the varied vendors, vendor products, commissions, payouts, orders, etc. Other rich features involve fast shipping process, social media interactions, multiple language support, secure payment services, website visibility increment, multiple currency format support, etc.




The drop shipper feature combined into this module is especially functional with amazing in-built features that are easy to configure; it smoothly takes total command of your entire multi-shipping management. Automating the shipping process conserves you considerable, valuable time, decreases the risk of manual data entry errors and allows the shipments to be dispatched quickly! Further, the module adeptly expedites and optimizes the way orders are managed and coordinated with the vendors. This notable PrestaShop module ably controls all the transactions that do it rounds amongst business owners, vendors and customers in an efficient manner, thus attracting more vendors to be a part of your online business.

Marketplaces offer a unique channel to the owners & retailers and also access to new sources of supply & demand. This exemplar extension is highly beneficial, and easily allows even non-tech-savvy business owners to manage their marketplace from the easy-to-use admin panel. Third party retailers and vendors, along with their products, can be easily and completely managed and coordinated from this richly featured platform. It’s a one-stop shop for starting a marketplace. You can also Checkout Prestashop Multivendor Marketplace extension from Module Bazaar.


Enjoy advanced shipping & Carrier management with Prestashop Marketplace

Developing an exclusive ecommerce website can be a difficult task as far as small business ventures are concerned. But in order to thrive successfully in their business, online business process is the only best solution for these brick and mortar store owners to cop up with the high competition prevailing in the industry.  But, one thing that cannot be lost sight of is the fact that several prominent and successful online retailers started only as a small set up and grew gradually with the help of an online marketplace, before venturing out into their own website.  The online marketplaces offer merchants and retailers access to a large number of customers.

The PrestaShop community has developed a number of Prestashop modules and the Prestashop MarketPlace module is one such module that facilitates business owners to set up and run their business across through the marketplace platform. The special feature of this module is that it combines the benefits of marketplace as well as dropshipper module into one package to efficiently track and manage a number of sellers and their products from a single platform. This module simplifies the process of taking the multi-vendor management to next level. Also, it makes possible easy management of product catalog, orders, invoices, manifests, payments etc with ease.


The awesome user friendly interface of the Marketplace of Prestashop is easily navigable and enables online merchants to manage a number of vendors, vendor products, orders, commissions, payouts etc. in a streamlined manner. Some of the other features of Prestashop marketplace include fast shipping process, secure payment services, enhanced website visibility, social media interactions, multiple languages and multiple currency format support etc.

There is a concern prevailing among many online business owners that shipping the products to customers in an online business process is quite a difficult task.  If you are an online store owner having such concern, you will certainly cherish the concept of DropShipping, because it offers a number of benefits to make the whole shipping process much simpler. If you think of embracing this Dropshipping concept, you need to make sure to use the best DropShippers for your business. Professional DropShipper will be able to provide excellent shipping services to you as well as your customers.

The dropshipper modules when integrated into your Prestashop platform offer amazing in-built features that are easy to configure and enable merchants to smoothly take over the total control of the entire multi shipping management. The automated shipping feature of this module saves your valuable time, mitigates the risk of manual data entry errors and facilitates the shipments to be dispatched quickly.  In addition, the module proficiently facilitates and optimizes the way the orders are handled and coordinated with several vendors. These PrestaShop modules efficiently control all the transactions amongst business owners, vendors and customers in an impeccable manner, thus helping to attract more vendors to your online marketplace.

As soon as a customer makes an order on the PrestaShop site, the dropshipper module helps the merchant to send the order as well as the shipping details directly from his marketplace site to the dropshipper or the vendor and they will take care of the entire shipping process. Also, this module calculates shipping rates based on product weight, product cost, product quantity, and location of the customer.


The Prestshop marketplace is an amazing platform for online merchants and vendors to run their online business process in a streamlined manner. This extension combined with dropshipper module becomes handy and enables even non-tech business owners to handle their marketplace from the admin panel. Moreover, third party retailers and vendors, along with their products, can be easily managed and coordinated from this feature rich platform.

Display Special Product Image with Product Labels & Ribbon to hit Sales

Online shopping is the modern trend that attracts millions of people because of it offers a hassle free shopping experience. With more and more merchants seeking the support of various eCommerce platforms to set up their online store, the demand and popularity of eCommerce platforms have also grown immensely.

Magento Product Label Ribbon Extension

Magento is one among the popular open source eCommerce platforms that has proved its efficiency in providing a number of features to change the look and feel of eCommerce sites to draw the attention of customers. With the help of the Magento Extensions, the Magento eCommerce merchants have been able to offer various benefits to their customers and enhance their sales. It comes with more than 25,000 extensions to cater to the requirements of online merchants across the world.

Uses of Product Label & Ribbon Extensions to eCommerce merchants

The Magento Store merchants can make use of the extensions to enhance the look of their site in order to attract more customers to their site and make them buy their products. The Magento developers have designed Product Label & Ribbon extensions solely with the aim of adding the beauty of your site and to attract more number of visitors towards your Magento eCommerce store.

These extensions enable customers to view your product images quickly without the need to wait for more time for the images to get loaded on the product page of the site. Imagine if your customer likes a product from your web store and clicks the product to view the image together with the product details and still the product page shows the loading symbol means your customer will get irritated and will definitely move on to the next site. Such a situation can be eliminated, if you install the Magento product label & ribbon extensions in your Magento store.

These product label & ribbon extensions are created by Magento team with the aim to attract the customers by enabling them to view your product images quickly without spending much of their precious time.

Also, these extensions can simply draw the attention of customers towards your eCommerce site. Hence, this module is the best option for you to bring more customers in to your fold and to improve the sales of your products.

Features of Product Label & Ribbon extensions

  • The Product Label & Ribbon modules will be of great assistance to Magento store owners to hit sales with ease by enabling the special products images to be displayed with a pleasant looking ribbon transparent image.
  • A small image will get displayed over your product’s image on the category which you choose. You can also customize your categories for displaying this ribbon only for those categories you choose.
  • Enable you to adjust the dimensions of your product images on the ribbon depending on administrator settings
  • Also, you can set the duration of image display of ribbon on the specific product
  • Enables to show sale percentage as input from admin end.
  • Automated Price calculation enabled on the ribbon
  • You can enable or disable the ribbon for a specific product
  • Positioning of the Ribbon can be done on the product image depending on admin settings


Magento is a professional and open source eCommerce platform which allows merchants to promote and sell their products in an effective manner. Magento offers a large number of modules to improve the website performance.

Of these, the product label & ribbon extensions are designed to offer amazing features and functionalities to change altogether the look of your eCommerce site. Through integrating these extensions on the eCommerce site, the merchants can easily draw many customers towards their eCommerce store and enhance their sales.

Download: Magento Product Label & Ribbon Extensions

Checkout with First data GGe4 extension on your Magento Store

First Data Payment Gateway integrates with the Magento core credit card system via a default path to First Data Global Gateway (GGe4). It allows merchants to accept a wide range of payments and manage transactions via flexible setup options. The module called Magento First Data GGe4 Extension collects credit card information for processing within a Magento store without redirection to First Data website. In other words, it acts an alternative payment method from the extension backend.

This First Data Extension for Magento does not store credit card information, to avoid PCI Compliance issues.

Features of the Magento First Data GGe4 extension are:

  • Accepts credit card payments and processes them via First Data gateway

  • Supports all major credit cards such as JCB, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express etc.

  • Allows vendors to ‘Authorize Only’ or ‘Authorize and Capture’ the payment

  • Allows merchants to capture the payment from module backend

  • Does not store credit card data for compliance issues

  • Allows vendors to capture authorized payments from the module backend

  • Supports ‘Authorize Only,’ ‘Authorize and Capture,’ Void, Cancel, and Refund

  • Facilitates vendors to access an expanding payment toolkit options and fraud preventions tools

  • Offers secure payment services without the need for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates

  • Compatible with Magento versions 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, and 1.9x

Besides turning the payment process safe, easy, and fast, Magento GGe4 extension offers amazing support throughout the processes of installation and checkout resulting in less shopping cart abandonments and increased sales.

What do Merchants gain from using GGe4 extension?

  • Access to upgrades and updates on a regular basis

  • Excellent client support via phone and email

  • A highly certified Magento extension developed in close co-operation with First Data

  • Increased security via advanced error handling

  • Seamless integration with all leading payment gateways

  • Easy management of transaction via the store

  • Extensively tested module before being released

The key options of GGe4 extension that customers get to see and use on route to checkout are:

  • Enable/disable

  • Title

  • Transaction Mode

  • Payment Login Page

  • Transaction Key

  • Return URL

  • Currency Code

  • Transaction Type

  • New Status Order

First Data payment gateway is a secured hosted Web payment method designed to accept ecommerce transactions. The module collects credit card information, validates, and passes the details to Firstdata in a safe way. This powerful First Data extension for Magento offers vendors scalability, top-notch security, lightning fast processing speeds, and a host of solutions to fit their business.

Magento ecommerce platform has released numerous extensions that support number of payment solutions and the GGe4 module is just another feather in its already colorful cap.

Credit card payment – Magento First Data GGe4 Hosted Solution Module

Online retailers using the online payment method to expand their businesses by improving the customer services, increasing profits and minimize the delay in payments. First Data GGe4 Payment Page is a securely hosted web payment form designed to accept Internet-based E-commerce transactions. It allows the website to link the client payment account with the website’s account. First Data Hosted Module is an easy way to increase retention, grow loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction. This shows the companies’ technical connections work well and are managed effectively. Magento Hosted Solution is used to process the transactions through the Global Gateway e4 system.

The First data GGe4 hosted payment gateway is designed with the latest technology to address eCommerce merchants’ business needs. It offers a safe and reliable solution for online payment transactions. The payment gateway e4 helps the merchants to build a smarter, safer, and more effective payment strategy. The Global Gateway e4 provides multiple interface options based on what’s best for their business. The First Data Ge4 hosted payment gateway can be integrated with the Magento core credit card system by setting the default gateway to First data global Gateway e4. The Global Gateway e4 provides multiple interface options to the online retailers based on what’s best for their business.

Screen Shot 


The Magento First Data Hosted Solution automatically sends the customer’s credit card details to the module through a secured connection for processing. First data module collects all the details and sends it to the merchant account directly. Admin panel allows the merchants to configure the payment methods in the Magento. Secured Hosted web payment form designed to accept eCommerce transactions. The module collects the credit card details, validates and passes the data to First data gateway. The extension helps to accept payment through First Data Global Gateway e4. This module supports Authorize and capture, Authorize only and Capture later feature, refund amount.

The merchant can Authorize or Authorize only and Capture the payment. Capture later feature is used to capture the amount of the extension back-end later. The extension does not store card information anywhere to pass PCI Compliance issues. Admin Panel allows the merchant to collect the authorized payments. Processed orders can be refunded to the customers. This module accepts credit card payments and process through First data gateway which is safe and secure. The customer can save their payment method to their account for easier checkout. It is used to reduce fraud and related chargebacks! The extension is compatible with Magento Version 1.6.x, 1.7 x. It is easy to install.

Download Here : Magento FirstData GGE4 Hosted Solution Extension