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WP WooCommerce First Data Global Gateway e4 Hosted Solution Module

eGrove offers WP Woo Commerce first data global gateway e4 hosted solution module to provide a seamless checkout for your customers. The WP Woo Commerce Hosted Module helps to collect the credit card details, validates and passes the data to first data in a secured way. Woo Commerce is an open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for the small to medium-sized online merchant using WordPress. Woo Commerce supports global shipping and one page checkout. It is an efficient plug-in. It allows the merchant to put specific products on sale and announce it on a flash (notification) banner. It also creates wide variety coupon codes to stimulate sales for each customer’s profile. The merchant can collect the product reviews from the customers to boost automatic up-sells & cross-sells and also define related products.

The First data GGe4 hosted payment gateway is designed with the latest technology to address ecommerce merchants’ business needs. It offers a safe and reliable solution for online payment transactions. The payment gateway e4 helps the merchants to build a smarter, safer, and more effective payment strategy. The Global Gateway e4 provides multiple interface options based on what’s best for their business. The Global Gateway e4 provides multiple interface options to the online retailers based on what’s best for their business. This shows the companies’ technical connections work well and are managed effectively.



The First data GGE4 Hosted Payment extension allows the merchants to process the credit card transactions online via a secure payment page hosted by First data. The WP Woo Commerce GGe4 Hosted module is easy to integrate with any WP Woo Commerce store. The extension is a great option for the merchants with limited technical knowledge. The merchants who do not wish to accept and store the credit card information for security reasons will find that the First data GGE4 hosted payment extension a perfect solution. The extension reduces the PCI requirements significantly. The module accepts credit card payments and process through First data gateway which is safe and secure. The customer can save their payment method to their account for easier checkout.

The module supports Authorize only and Authorize and Capture payment features. Authorize only – The transaction is only authorized to be captured later. Authorize & Capture payments – if the customer amount is credited to the merchant account, and the product is ready for shipment. The merchant should not require to purchase an SSL certificate for this module. The module customizes the secure payment page to display your store logo. It is quick and easy to implement. The module is compatible with WordPress version 3.5 or higher. First Data GGe4 Payment Page is a securely hosted web payment form designed to accept Internet-based E-commerce transactions.

Download  Here :  WP Woo Commerce First Data Global Gateway e4 Hosted Module


WordPress eCommerce First Data GGe4 Payment Module

Now online shop owners can accept the payments by all major credit cards using WP eCommerce First Data Module. WP eCommerce is a free WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin that runs thousands of successful stores. It is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress which is a fully featured shopping cart solution suitable for selling your products, services, etc. It works with any standards compliant WordPress theme. It supports regular WordPress widgets, multilingual, and multicurrency. It is a powerful tool to make your online store easy and useful and its ideal for merchants, themes constructors and developers.

First data GGe4 is a payment gateway accepts all major credit cards on the checkout page (without leaving the website) and allows customers to make a secure and safe checkout. It helps the merchants to build a smarter, safer, and more effective payment strategy. The first data global gateway e4 web service API allows the third-party applications to process the transactions through the Global Gateway e4 system. Using the Web Service API, you can seamlessly accept credit card and check payments in your application. All communication between your application and First Data Global Gateway Web Service API is SSL-encrypted. The merchant can select the preferred programming language and the payment functionality required for their business needs.



First data GGe4 module facilitates the merchant to capture the payments from the customer for any transaction happened using First data GGe4 payment module as a vision of providing high value to their customers. The WP eCommerce payment module integrates with the WordPress eCommerce and enables the buyers to use First Data GGe4 payment module to complete the transaction within the website without leaving to payment gateway page, where the customer is given with an easy payment solution. It enables merchants to configure the payment methods. The administrator or the merchants can manage the payments using their admin panel, the transaction happened will be monitored using this admin panel where the transaction method will be configured, the capture option will have the major actions for each type of payments.

The user can complete the order by using credit card details on the website itself. The administrator can select their transaction method by ‘sale’ or ‘Authorize only’. The administrator will have every transactions updated on First data Control Panel. It helps to capture more sales and reduce the abandonment. The payment data is stored in the First data server and hence the PCI compliance is significantly reduced. The merchant should require a Merchant account and SSL certificate to ensure the credit card details are safe. It is easy to install. The module is compatible with WordPress Version 3.6.1. By using this module you can provide a seamless check out for your customers.

Download Here : WP eCommerce First Data GGe4 Payment Module