Magento Vs Prestashop: Which one is right for your eCommerce store?

Deciding on which eCommerce platform to utilize for your business is tough. There are a plenty of choices available to compare.You can narrow your search by starting with open source platforms first. These platforms present you all the source code you require for customization. If open source is the choice then, PrestaShop and Magento extensions could be your top two contenders to compare.

While choosing the eCommerce platform that’s appropriate for your company, it’s essential to know the excellent choices on the market today. Here is a comparison between Magento and Prestashop modules, two commanding open source platform options, to assist you to make the choice that best meets your needs.

Prestashop is one of the most popular open source shopping cart software, first released in 2008, with current headquarters in Miami. It is known as a simple and lightweight software that can be used by anyone, but insufficient in customizing and compatibility possibilities.

Magento formerly released the same year as Prestashop, is known as the leader in eCommerce solutions, trusted by several large businesses worldwide and owned by eBay since 2011. It is a robust and reliable software that is used in medium to large sized companies with a greater amount of products, famous for how complete it is and all the possibilities it provides it’s customers with.

What To Consider?

When analyzing two eCommerce platforms, you should compare various things. Use these as guidelines for what to look for Magento Marketplace versus PrestaShop Marketplace.

Shopping Cart Capabilities: What features do you get out-of-the-box? Determine what types of features are essential to your business and which ones are just nice to have.

Hosting: Do you want to manage your infrastructure? If not, you’ll want something you can just sign up and start selling with.

Popularity: Look no further than other sellers to see what platform is best.

Plug-ins: Your business is unique. As you develop, you’ll probably need more functionality that you can locate in available plug-ins for each platform.

Pricing: Depending on the solution, there will be some types of costs. What are you willing to pay for?

Support: If something goes wrong, who can you call? See what type of support each platform provides.
Using these guidelines, we’ll dive into whereby Magento and PrestaShop stack up next to each other.


Similarities of Magento vs. PrestaShop

Magento and PrestaShop do have some similarities you should view first.

Basic eCommerce:

Both eCommerce platforms present the essential functionality you need out-of-the-box. This involves storefront themes, shopping carts, basic order management, product catalog management, inventory features, etc.


Both platforms are popular between eCommerce sellers. Each platform touts extensive developer communities and customers.

Magento vs. PrestaShop:

While these platforms are related, some of their differences might steer you towards one platform over the other. Some of the most significant differences are:

Looking at the Numbers:

PrestaShop was delivered in August 2007, while Magento was built in 2001. Magento has 15 versions, while PrestaShop only has seven. However, PrestaShop provides over 25,000 plugins and extensions, while Magento provides only 1,500 plugins and extensions. Both have about the equivalent amount of online stores using the software and feature huge clients, such as Nike AU & UK for Magento and The Fab Shoes for PrestaShop.

Magento hits PrestaShop in the Twitter world with three times as many followers. However, PrestaShop more than three-ply the number of Facebook likes of Magento. The monthly subsistence cost of PrestaShop is about half that of Magento, but Magento is searched for more on Google than PrestaShop. PrestaShop is the simpler of the two to install and customize. However, Magento offers more SEO advantages and more features, overall.


Hosting options are essential. Large stores built on poor servers and bad base can run very poorly. Your website experience will be sluggish and unappealing to your customers. If you’re just commencing out, though, hosting might not be something you need to bother about. If that’s the case, you might want to seem more into PrestaShop.

PrestaShop allows two solutions: a free hosted solution and an open source download able version that you can host. This provides merchants remarkable flexibility.

Support and community:

Prestashop wins this one. For a cost, they offer different options of official technical support. There is further a pretty big community of customers that provide support and advice through various forums, blogs, etc. For Magento, however, you can also gain support from the community, which is larger than Prestashop.


The Most Secure Payment Gateway For Joomla VirtueMart Website

Joomla is an open source platform which is extremely useful to build responsive and user-friendly and dynamic websites. Joomla VirtueMart Payeezy module is the most secure payment gateway for Joomla VirtueMart. It is the most efficient gateway and makes an Inquiry about this news is meticulously designed and developed by the expert team of professionals, that holds expertise and wide exposure in this domain, as per the specific needs of clients. Using this module, the e-commerce merchants can access many features and functionalities for their sites. The First Data Global Gateway e4 Payment that is extended to the customers can be easily integrated with the Joomla VirtueMart to process customers’ card payments from the merchant site that mean the customers can stay on your e-commerce site and enter their Credit Card details.

The Joomla VirtueMart Payeezy Clover payment gateway, Payment can be integrated with the Joomla VirtueMart to process your card payments from the retailer site which means, customers stay on your site and enter Credit Card details. When the data is yielded, the Payment plugin connects with First data to initiate the Money Transfer using the card specifications of the customer and the merchant account details that you have set up in the contour panel. The plugin collects the credit card details, approves and passes the data to First data in a secured way.

Joomla First Data Clover Payment Gateway
Joomla First Data Clover Payment Gateway

Documentation available in


  • Accepts credit card payments and rule through First Data Global Gateway e4 Payment.
  • The merchant can allow only or allow and capture the payment.
  • The module does not collect card information anywhere to pass PCI Compliance issues.

As soon as the data is submitted, the Payment plugin instantly connects with First data to begin the Money Transfer by making use of the card details and the merchant account details that are set up in the configuration panel. The plugin gathers the credit card details, validates and transfers to the data to First data in a secured manner.

Features of Joomla First Data Clover Payment Gateway:

  • This module accepts payment through credit card and process through the First Data Global Gateway e4 Payment.
  • The e-commerce merchant can authorize only or authorize and capture the payment.
  • This module does not require storing the customers’ card information anywhere to pass PCI Compliance issues.
  • Provides a trendy payment service with faultless checkout experience by processing payment through First Data GGe4.
  • Requirements and compatibility

    • PHP 5.0 and Above
    • URL extension enabled in php.ini
    • VirtueMart 2.x for Joomla 1.5, Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 1.7
    • VirtueMart 3.x for Joomla 3.x

    So, gear-up your e-commerce website and make it dynamic with these Joomla extensions. The Joomla Modules are accessible at Joomla payment module and is user-friendly, highly extensible as well as simple to use for online store owners. This Joomla VirtueMart Payeezy Clover payment gateway can make an Inquiry about this news has many features to make the payment transactions easier for the merchants and customers as well.

    Suggestion on best module to create multi-vendor marketplace for Prestashop store

    Selling through marketplaces might be more profitable to your business than you can think. If you are armed with the ambition to make your marketplace thrive, it’s time to entice vendors to sell their assets from your marketplace. Online marketplaces are an exceptional way to get started. It enables vendors to sell goods without setting up their online store, and several traditional businesses now seem at marketplaces to extend their venture. Selling through online marketplaces presents a flexible business opportunity with comparatively low start-up costs. eBay and Amazon are prime examples of well-established marketplaces.

    Many of today’s most prominent and successful online retailers began humbly as a small set up or at home and grew organically within an online marketplace before branching out into their website. One of the hurdles of starting any business is fascinating customers. Larger online marketplaces offer dealers and retailers access to an extensive pool of existing and possible customers.

    However, maintaining a PrestaShop multivendor marketplace is not as simple as it sounds. This is where the recently launched PrestaShop MarketPlace module comes into place. This module effectively enables business masters to set up and run their business across a marketplace platform, as well as allows the amazing characteristic of dropshipping. This module combines the advantages of a marketplace and drop shipper module into one package to ably track and manage several vendors and their products from one place. This module clarifies multi-vendor management to a different level. It enables easy control of the product catalog, orders, manifests, payments, invoices etc. effortlessly.

    The remarkably user-friendly interface of the Marketplace Extension is easily navigable and used by store partners to manage the varied vendors, vendor products, commissions, payouts, orders, etc. Other rich features involve fast shipping process, social media interactions, multiple language support, secure payment services, website visibility increment, multiple currency format support, etc.




    The drop shipper feature combined into this module is especially functional with amazing in-built features that are easy to configure; it smoothly takes total command of your entire multi-shipping management. Automating the shipping process conserves you considerable, valuable time, decreases the risk of manual data entry errors and allows the shipments to be dispatched quickly! Further, the module adeptly expedites and optimizes the way orders are managed and coordinated with the vendors. This notable PrestaShop module ably controls all the transactions that do it rounds amongst business owners, vendors and customers in an efficient manner, thus attracting more vendors to be a part of your online business.

    Marketplaces offer a unique channel to the owners & retailers and also access to new sources of supply & demand. This exemplar extension is highly beneficial, and easily allows even non-tech-savvy business owners to manage their marketplace from the easy-to-use admin panel. Third party retailers and vendors, along with their products, can be easily and completely managed and coordinated from this richly featured platform. It’s a one-stop shop for starting a marketplace. You can also Checkout Prestashop Multivendor Marketplace extension from Module Bazaar.

    Enjoy advanced shipping & Carrier management with Prestashop Marketplace

    Developing an exclusive ecommerce website can be a difficult task as far as small business ventures are concerned. But in order to thrive successfully in their business, online business process is the only best solution for these brick and mortar store owners to cop up with the high competition prevailing in the industry.  But, one thing that cannot be lost sight of is the fact that several prominent and successful online retailers started only as a small set up and grew gradually with the help of an online marketplace, before venturing out into their own website.  The online marketplaces offer merchants and retailers access to a large number of customers.

    The PrestaShop community has developed a number of Prestashop modules and the Prestashop MarketPlace module is one such module that facilitates business owners to set up and run their business across through the marketplace platform. The special feature of this module is that it combines the benefits of marketplace as well as dropshipper module into one package to efficiently track and manage a number of sellers and their products from a single platform. This module simplifies the process of taking the multi-vendor management to next level. Also, it makes possible easy management of product catalog, orders, invoices, manifests, payments etc with ease.


    The awesome user friendly interface of the Marketplace of Prestashop is easily navigable and enables online merchants to manage a number of vendors, vendor products, orders, commissions, payouts etc. in a streamlined manner. Some of the other features of Prestashop marketplace include fast shipping process, secure payment services, enhanced website visibility, social media interactions, multiple languages and multiple currency format support etc.

    There is a concern prevailing among many online business owners that shipping the products to customers in an online business process is quite a difficult task.  If you are an online store owner having such concern, you will certainly cherish the concept of DropShipping, because it offers a number of benefits to make the whole shipping process much simpler. If you think of embracing this Dropshipping concept, you need to make sure to use the best DropShippers for your business. Professional DropShipper will be able to provide excellent shipping services to you as well as your customers.

    The dropshipper modules when integrated into your Prestashop platform offer amazing in-built features that are easy to configure and enable merchants to smoothly take over the total control of the entire multi shipping management. The automated shipping feature of this module saves your valuable time, mitigates the risk of manual data entry errors and facilitates the shipments to be dispatched quickly.  In addition, the module proficiently facilitates and optimizes the way the orders are handled and coordinated with several vendors. These PrestaShop modules efficiently control all the transactions amongst business owners, vendors and customers in an impeccable manner, thus helping to attract more vendors to your online marketplace.

    As soon as a customer makes an order on the PrestaShop site, the dropshipper module helps the merchant to send the order as well as the shipping details directly from his marketplace site to the dropshipper or the vendor and they will take care of the entire shipping process. Also, this module calculates shipping rates based on product weight, product cost, product quantity, and location of the customer.


    The Prestshop marketplace is an amazing platform for online merchants and vendors to run their online business process in a streamlined manner. This extension combined with dropshipper module becomes handy and enables even non-tech business owners to handle their marketplace from the admin panel. Moreover, third party retailers and vendors, along with their products, can be easily managed and coordinated from this feature rich platform.

    Payeezy Payment Gateway Modules For E-Commerce Platform

    Shoppers have doubt whenever they need to buy anything from online shops. A Smooth checkout process in less time is always expected by the customers. The performance of the checkout process matter a great deal to conversation rates with the website and help in building customer’s trust with the merchant. Thus, taking care of how to handle online transactions is highly recommended. A right payment gateway not just secure account details, but also eases the several hassle involved.

    Thus, payment gateways are not just important to the customers, but to the merchants as well. There are several choices available to opt for payment gateways, but it takes a discerning eye to know the best option out there. Let’s look at few Payeezy Extension that are most familiar to consumers as well as become favorites to merchants.



    1.OpenCart Modules

    If you want to offer your customers simplicity, security and choice when paying for things in-store or in-app, you must integrate Opencart Payeezy Modules to your merchant site. It understands the needs of the merchants as well as the customers. It is very simple as customers just need to enter card details like card number, expiration and CVV to process the payment. It also supports the 3D-secure that gives ultimate security of e-transactions.

     2. WordPress

    Payeezy made easier for WordPress users. Now merchants can make available something custom to their clients for e-store transaction exchange. Upgrade your website in a simple way with payeezy wordpress plugins and accept payments from buyers via all credit cards. You are also allowed to choose the preferred action at a time since this extension supports ‘Authorize only’ and ‘Authorize and Capture’.

    3. PrestaShop Addons / Modules

    PrestaShop Modules/Addons is feature heavy, but a cost effective addition to eCommerce stores. Prestashop payeezy extension can be designed, developed, customized and optimized according to site’s needs. It’s not just easy to integrate, but its interesting features like Product Review & Google Snippet enables buyers, registered users or visitors of the websites to give ratings and reviews of the products. Merchants can approve the reviews and decide whether to publish it.

    4) Magento® Extensions

    Choose the most apt Magento payeezy extension for your e-business that has enough features and efficiency to satisfy you and your customer simultaneously. Available in a wide range of modules to cater to a variety of requirements like Marketing needs, Payment gateway integration, Social media marketing and many more. These extensions will enable user to select their preferred delivery location from where they can pick-up their goods, edit or delete ad banners from different pages, and much more features that will enhance your store and increase the site traffic at reasonable costs.

    5) First Data Payment Modules

    When you plan something big, you need something big too to nurture your plans. When you are planning to deal with global market, you need global payment services. First Data is where the best choice as it is a global payment service provider and offers merchant and bank transactions, credit, retail and debit card processing. You can go with First Data GGE4 Payeezy Clover Payment gateway that provides secure and fast payment transactions.

    Dropshipper and Marketplace comes handy! Yes try Prestashop Marketplace & Dropshipper Module

    In any online business process, shipping the products to customers remains to be one of the indispensable aspects to make customers’ shopping process a hassle free one. But a number of ecommerce store owners feel that product shipping is a very difficult task and are unable to find a long lasting solution to this issue. If you are owning a Prestashop marketplace without having an efficient product shipping facility, you are certain to cherish the concept of dropshipping, because it provides a number of advantages to merchants to make the whole shipping process an efficient and smooth function. But, if you think of opting for a dropshipping facility, you need to ensure to make use of dropshippers that are ideally suited to your business niche, because only a professional dropshipper will be able to offer excellent shipping experience to you as an ecommerce store owner as well as your customers.
    What is meant by DropShipper?
    A dropshipper is service provider help in shipping products to the customers. When accessing the dropshipper services, the owners will be relieved of the hassle of stocking or shipping products to customers. Instead, as and when you getting an order from a customer, it is enough you need to contact the dropshipper and they will in turn ship the product to customer on your behalf. Thus, as a seller, you can sell a wide range of products without ever having the burden of stocking any inventory. This makes the concept of dropshipping a very appealing facility for online businesses.

    With the accessibility of the well-organized Prestashop Marketplace extension, clubbed with efficient dropshipper modules, online merchants can have a long lasting solution to their product shipping issues. This extension from Module Bazaar will certainly be an outstanding solution for every marketplace site merchant. This makes the whole process of managing the Drop shipping of goods and Orders from various Vendors an easy task for online marketplace stores.

    Prestashop Multi Vendor Marketplace & Dropshipper Module

    The Prestashop Dropshipper Module communicates customer’s order as well as shipping details from merchant directly to the dropshippers who makes shipment to customer. Also, this module streamlines the communication between online merchant and dropshippers and facilitates the merchant to keep track of orders and shipments done by vendors or suppliers. Thus, the online store owners can concentrate on other activities rather than focusing on inventory through integrating the Prestashop dropshipper module, experiencing greater automation for shipping tasks. In addition, this module helps to mitigate the cost of maintaining inventory and assists in initiating the business with a wide array of products with lesser investments. This is a viable business concept which eliminates the need for space, money and stress by not requiring warehousing the products.

    Exclusive Features of Prestashop Dropshipping Module:
    • Manifold Shipping origins per order.
    • Built with most of the 3rd party carriers.
    • Facility to create your own shipping carriers.
    • Allows different vendors for same order.
    • Facility for Vendor / Supplier login.
    • Sends Automatic order notification to suppliers and vendors.
    • Automatic customer shipment notification.
    • Sends Vendor comments to Store owners.
    • Sales report for each vendor, weekly/ monthly
    • Permits different shipping per vendor.
    • Split products in shopping cart by vendor.

    Thus, the Prestashop Marketplace offers a unique facility to online merchants to handle multi vendors and control various functions from the easy-to-use admin panel of the extension. Through adding the Prestashop dropshipper module, merchants can avoid the hassle of keeping inventory of stock and save on product storage space and cost.

    Download: Prestashop Multi Vendor Marketplace & Dropshipper Module

    Enable Shop Now & Pay Later option for Customers – Offline Payment Extension

    Payment Solution is one of the crucial elements that need to be looked into, while setting up an online business venture, in order to carry out transactions between online retailers and their customers. This can in the form of an online or offline payment methods, but it all depends on the type of business and which payment methods are suited to them. In order to decide on which Magento Payment Extensions are ideally suited to your business, you need to understand the varied options available to you.

    When it comes to payment solutions, it is more common to use an Online Payment Gateway, such as PayPal. At times, the business requirements may be such that you may need a custom coded payment method. You will need to think of programmatic product order creation process that might need some specifically labeled payment method.

    Magento Buy Now Pay Later Extension - PayPal - First DataMagento Buy Now Pay Later Payment Extension

    This extension is a new alternative payment solution that can be integrated with Building Magento eCommerce Store and lets shoppers buy from your online shop without using a credit card. Here, the customers simply put their purchases on the extension tab and making it easy for them to buy now and pay later. The only thing they need to do is enter their email and password in order to complete their purchase in one step.

    Benefits of Buy Now Pay Later Extension

    The Magento Buy Now Pay Later Payment Extension triggers incremental revenues for your online business by:

    • Attracting new customers who are hesitant to use credit cards online.
    • Helps to enhance conversions by offering customers yet another payment option.
    • Streamlining the entire checkout process to one-step.

    In addition, the Magento Order Management Module offers the facility for admin to create orders on behalf of the customers while taking orders over the phone. Also, this module enables administrators to login as Customer in the front end on behalf of customer and create orders in the site. The administrator can then make orders by making use of any offline payments. Once the payments are realized, then the orders can be processed.

    The module also enables the administrator to update orders that are already made to give discounts to customers. This will create a discount voucher and update the order and send new invoice and email notifications to the concerned customers. Moreover, the Admin can edit the ordered products using the order edit feature in Back end.


    Offering customers an efficient payment gateway is one of the crucial aspects that need to be looked into by store owners, prior to setting up an online business venture to carry out payment transactions between merchants and their customers. The Magneto Buy Now Pay Later Payment Extension is an alternative payment solution that can be integrated to your Magento Shopping Cart and enable your shoppers buy from your online shop without using a credit card. This extension allows customers to simply put their purchases on the extension tab thus making it easy for them to buy now and pay later.

    Download: Magento Buy Now Pay Later Payment Extension – PayPal – First Data